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Monday, September 1, 2014

The Stevie Nicks Project... or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog

 A couple of weeks ago, a friend forwarded me this posting online... "Legendary American singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks invites fashion designers and stylists across the world to design a show-stopping shawl inspired by her mystical visual style and symbolic lyrics." 

With the September 22 deadline for submission rapidly approaching, I decided to weave a shawl with silver 10/2 tencel I'd been saving for some time. I planned to paint the warp prior to weaving an 8 harness twill, then printing on the finished piece. I have, over the years acquired an extensive collection of textile printing blocks from India, Indonesia, and Africa which I have used to print woven fabrics and paper. More on that later...

So, I gathered supplies on my messy work table...

Wound a warp & threaded my 60" Leclerc Loom...

Prepared the warp for painting...

These colors!

I took a little time off from my part time job and spent 2 days weaving like a mad woman while listening to Stevie Nicks' Silver Springs.... on repeat. 

Finished Weaving!

Next up: Printing. I've decided to print the reverse (unpainted side) of the shawl to give it more interest as it's worn in different styles, and as it moves with you. Below is an image of the shawl with a piece of rice paper, on which I tested the Asian and African fabric stamps:

Obviously I would be thrilled to be chosen as the overall winner of the contest, but this process has been exciting for me for a variety of reasons - it is wonderful to have a project, a reason to sit at my loom for hours everyday again, and to have a set of perimeters within which to find inspiration. There is a second prize - the community prize - where YOU can vote for your favorite. That would be thrilling to win as well! Please vote for me on Facebook!!! And stay tuned for more images of weaving - past and present. 

all my love,